CAST + CREW Call for Book Trailer “Seeker of Time”

Project Title: Seeker of Time Book Trailer Producer: Kenieshiear Czetty Writer: JM Buckler Looking for: CAST + CREW Project Description:  Local Author JM Buckler has released her first book of The Seeker of Time Series, and as part of marketing and getting word out, we are filming a cinematic book trailer. It's a small project, but we will shoot some … Continue reading CAST + CREW Call for Book Trailer “Seeker of Time”

MIX/VHS | Week 051

Brown leaves and colder days: Austin is finally having a real fall! And like every week, MIX/VHS has a great eclectic mix of recommendations for you to sink your teeth into (or rather, watch with your eyes + ears). We hope you enjoy! Used Car Commercial // 1996 Honda Accord WATCH IT HERE! Max Lanman made this short … Continue reading MIX/VHS | Week 051

CREW CALL for Media Campaign Video [PAID]

Project Title: Media Campaign Type of Production: Interview-Style Producer: Mike Stephenson Writer: Kalen G Director: Hannah Lee Looking For: CREW Project Description: Recording folks for a media campaign. Total time for shoot would be 2 hrs including set up. Next will be 1/2 day shoot. Crew Positions Available: Camera Operator Sound Recordist Compensation: PAID Contact: Mike Stephenson … Continue reading CREW CALL for Media Campaign Video [PAID]

MIX/VHS | Week 044

Welcome to another rendition of MIX/VHS: your weekly dose of eclectic recommendations from Austin Cinemaker Space blog contributors. From music videos to films to weird deep-dive YouTube finds, and everything in-between: we hope you enjoy this week's mix! Tim Presley // The Clue WATCH IT HERE! I'm a big fan of director Matt Grote's music videos, and Tim Presley's … Continue reading MIX/VHS | Week 044

CREW CALL for Medical Instructional Video

Project Title: Medical Instructional Video Type of Production: Training Video Writer: Dimple Kaur Looking For: CREW Project Description:  I would like to make a series of instructional videos for a medical practice.  These would entail teaching patients the proper way to lift without injuring their back for example; diet modification in preparation for post-surgical success; smoking cessation, etc. Contact: Dimple … Continue reading CREW CALL for Medical Instructional Video