MIX/VHS | Week 051

Brown leaves and colder days: Austin is finally having a real fall! And like every week, MIX/VHS has a great eclectic mix of recommendations for you to sink your teeth into (or rather, watch with your eyes + ears). We hope you enjoy! Used Car Commercial // 1996 Honda Accord WATCH IT HERE! Max Lanman made this short … Continue reading MIX/VHS | Week 051

MIX/VHS | Week 050

We're celebrating the 50th MIX/VHS with a special themed mix treat for you! Each of our contributors was asked to pick a feature-length film that they deem their favorite. What work inspires them. What work they find themselves revisiting year in and year out. 5 contributors 5 films. The 50th Mix. We hope you enjoy!     … Continue reading MIX/VHS | Week 050

CREW CALL for Short Film “Sueño”

Project Title: Sueño Type of Production: Short Film Producer: Ashley Casillas Writer: Ashley Casillas Director: Ashley Casillas Looking For: CREW Project Description: Sueño is a dark, short horror film about a happily married housewife who begins to suffer from insomnia and nightmares when her monotonous routine becomes too much to bear. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ashdelamontana/sueno-sleepy-dream?ref=user_menu Crew Positions Available:  Female Gaffer Female Makeup Artist Compensation: Non-Paid … Continue reading CREW CALL for Short Film “Sueño”

FILMMAKER INTERVIEW | Ben Foster, Co-Director of “Time Trap”

Only FOUR Texas feature films were selected to screen at the upcoming 2017 Austin Film Festival. One of those films is Time Trap, a mind-bending sci-fi adventure centering around archeological students who trace their professor to a mysterious cave where a rift in the space time continuum causes time to pass differently than on the surface. … Continue reading FILMMAKER INTERVIEW | Ben Foster, Co-Director of “Time Trap”