MIX/VHS | Week 032

A little bite sized MIX/VHS for you this week! Still eclectic. Still wild. Still great. We hope you enjoy!





After sci-fi masterpieces Alien and Blade Runner, Ridley Scott followed up with a fantasy epic, Legend. Starring a young and inexperienced Tom Cruise, an under-appreciated Mia Sara, and an absolutely stellar Tim Curry, this film is… weird. And I kinda love it for that. Some of the story misfires, mostly during the execution of the first act. But from the middle of the film to the end, the film is a classic 1980’s fantasy adventure, with beautiful shots, excellent practical effects, and stunning set pieces. It’s a weird film, but also a strong, strange insight into the a director working at the height of his game, doing a fantasy epic in the same ilk as Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and even Lord of the Rings.
– Jake

Beirut // So Allowed | NPR Front Row



This song has been stuck in my mind for the past couple of days. Found as the last track on Beirut’s album No No NoSo Allowed blooms with an array of  peppy horns, the soothing voice of Zach Condon. And that piano. That simple and sweet piano.  One of the best, underrated Beirut songs played live in a great, intimately shot NPR recording.

–  Spencer




It’s West Side Story in the age of Millennials! Shaka King’s hilarious short satirizes gentrification, and maybe more so the attitudes regarding it, by juxtaposing old-school Italian racism with new-school culture clashes. For fans of Goodfellas and fixed-gear bicycles.

–  JJ


Like this mix? Tell us what you think in the comments below, and let us know what you’re recommending for us to watch this week!

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