Project: Horror film special make up FX photo shoot projects for BLOODSTAINED FILMS

Project Type: Horror film special make up FX

Writer-Director: Augustine Garcia

Production Company: BLOODSTAINED FILMS

Seeking: Cast and Crew

Seeking people to do special make up FX on for photo shoots to update my artwork portfolio. I’m looking for all sorts of looks, from scream queens to zombies, some work may require scary contacts for your eyes and you get to keep them after the photo shoot too. I’m also seeking anyone who wants help with horror film making projects from being an extra to doing the splatter make up FX or even help with writing a script. I do it for the thrill and not in it for the money so feel free to contact me anytime.

You can reach BLOODSTAINED FILMS at 512-803-5754 and ask for Augustine or please leave a name and number where I can reach you.

Compensation: Paid and Non-paid

Contact email:

Thank you very much for your interest.

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