CREW CALL – EPK Music Video

Project Title: EPK

Type of Production: Music Video

Writer/Producer/Director: Lorna Nash

Project Description: I have footage from a live music video performance along with behind the scenes recording studio footage that is being made into a 2-3 minute EPK making of a live album.

Seeking Editor: I need an experienced Final Cut Pro editor to sit with me in the evenings and on Sunday of this week to edit this together. If you have knowledge of working between final cut and PP or other program we will use the program you are most experienced with. I need someone to work Wed, Thursday, Fridaystarting at 7pm. We will be editing at the Austin School of Film. Please only experienced editors apply. $300 flat rate for video. I will be part of the editing process. This video is for the Peterson Brothers and the recording is a live album recorded at the Continental Club and Arlyn Studios. Great project for your resume with more projects coming up.

Compensation: Paid, Meals

Hiring Now!

Email inquiries to:

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