CAST CALL – Indie Pitch Video

Type of Production: Independent Pitch Film Writer: Ray Thomas Production Company: Striped Wall Project Description: Creating a PITCH VIDEO for potential producers. The video is 2.5min long, Horror, and calls for three very unique horror characters. Seeking Cast: Brute: Large/tall man. Built like a tank. Serial Killer who sacrifices the men he kills to honor his … Continue reading CAST CALL – Indie Pitch Video

CREW CALL for Real Estate Brand Video Commercial [PAID]

Type of Production: Commercial Producer: Dena Davis   Looking For: CREW Project Description:  I am looking for a talented film crew that can create a brand video for our Real Estate services. I would need a producer to spear head the crew.  The producer would be responsible for the entire video from start to finish, and would … Continue reading CREW CALL for Real Estate Brand Video Commercial [PAID]

CASTING CALL for ‘Untitled Documentary Project’

A Note From the Director:  While watching tensions rise these past few months, I’ve felt useless and clueless as to what to do next. However, I am currently starting a new project that requires help from you, your friends, your parents’ friends, your grandparents’ friends etc. I want to film stories or experiences that have … Continue reading CASTING CALL for ‘Untitled Documentary Project’

CASTING CALL for Podcast “Feeding Thespis”

Project Title: Feeding Thespis Type of Production: Podcast Producer: Judlyne Lilly-Gibson Writer: Judlyn Lilly-Gibson Production Company: Second Street Dreams Audio Network   Looking for: CAST Project Description:  AUDITIONS and TAPING for FEEDING THESPIS, a podcast of readings of new plays. The play we will be reading is called NEW TIMES. It’s set in the fall of 1967.  While her husband is … Continue reading CASTING CALL for Podcast “Feeding Thespis”

MIX/VHS | Week 020

In a sea of new Netflix shows, cat GIFs, and Viral Dr. Phil Interviews, it's no wonder you're having trouble knowing what to watch this week! But don't worry. We've got your back. MIX/VHS is a weekly digest of recommendations from an eclectic panel of Austin Cinemaker Space artists + filmmakers. Everything & anything from feature films to short … Continue reading MIX/VHS | Week 020