CAST + CREW CALL for CINE JOVEN Webseries “Cuando cae la Noche”

Production Title: Cuando cae la Noche

Type of Production: Webseries

Producer: Angeles Gallegos

Production Company: Austin School of Film


Looking for: CAST + CREW


Project Description: 

Cine Joven is on its second season, titled Cuando cae la noche. This series is centered around a group of teenagers sharing supernatural horror/folklore within Latin culture.

Character Breakdowns: 

Male/ Age: 15-19 / Any Ethnicity (Spanish speaking a plus)
An extroverted High school student, Frankie’s the new kid in the school who wants to make friends and fit in. He invites his new friends to his Uncle’s Hierbería (herbalist store) to talk about scary stories.

Uncle John
Male/ Age: 40-55/ Any Ethnicity
He is Frankie’s uncle, he runs a Hierbería (herbalist store). Frankie lives with him.

Female / Age: 15-19/ Any Ethnicity (Spanish speaking a plus)
High School student. Girly, but brave, she is curious about supernatural stories.

Female/ Age: 15- 19/ Any Ethnicity
High School student. A tomboy girl who doesn’t believe in paranormal stuff, continually mocking it.

Male/ Age: 15-19/ Any Ethnicity
High School student. He’s the goofy guy from school; trying to do everything right, but can’t.

Male/ Age: 35-45/ Hispanic (Spanish speaking)
A Mexican farmer. While working one day, he loses his son in the woods to the mysterious “Duendes”

Male/ Age: 7-11/ Hispanic (Spanish speaking)
A boy who lives in a town from Mexico, he gets lost because of the “Duendes”.

Either sex/ Age: 7-10/ Any Ethnicity
Duendes are magical creatures, like an elf or goblin.  These creatures are popular in the Latin American folklore as protectors of the nature, but also for being mischievous and evil that mesmerize people to get them lost.


Crew Positions Available (age 14-19): 

  • Camera Assistant
  • Gaffer (Lighting)
  • Sound Recordist
  • Grips
  • Extras


Compensation: Non-Paid | Meals | DVD/Digital Copy

Date of Audition: January 21st, 2017

Contact: Angeles Gallegos |

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