CREW CALL for San Antonio Short Film “The Misunderstanding of Carl Jr.”

Project Title: The Misunderstanding of Carl Jr.

Type of Production: Short Film

Producer: Blake Newcomb

Writer: Dylan Osean

Production Company: BTY Films


Project Description: 

We are bringing in a team from Los Angeles but are hoping to work with local talent as well. We will be shooting mostly in the San Antonio area in mid-late August for 6 days.

Synopsis:  CJ (30s), has become a misfit. His unorthodox behavior has left him unable to relate to people. He lives with his aunt, and as he describes it, they’re like the “hippopotamus and the Oxpecker,” although he’s not sure who’s who. His only place of solace has become a homeless camp, living near an abandoned rail line. The camp once thrived on the railways, but a train hasn’t been seen in years and CJ is to blame. After an explosive rant from one of the group’s members, CJ is left more alone than ever. We reveal later what the homeless camp really is and the tragic event that shaped CJ’s life.


Crew Positions Available:

Camera PA
Key PA
Set Dressers
Wardrobe Assistants
Script Supervisor

Compensation: Meals | Transportation | DVD/Digital Copy

Contact: Blake Newcomb |


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