CAST AND CREW CALL for SanghaLink Promo Video

Type of Production: Promotional Video

Producer: Anna Weingart

Director: Anna Weingart

Production Company: SanghaLink


Project Description: 

My name is Britt Tovar; Program Director at SanghaLink (SL). SL is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that uses technology to safely unite LGBTQIA+ high school students online and in real life.

SL is in the process of creating a short (less than two minutes) promotional video about our upcoming app. We are reaching out with hopes of finding collaborators in creating this video. We have a small budget, but we can offer some compensation for the time and energy spent on this project.

We are seeking a team to help write, shoot, produce, and edit the video. Anna Weingart, SanghaLink Executive Director, would like to direct and have input with editing. If you could help us with connections within the film community, we would greatly appreciate any support.


Looking For: CAST and CREW

Character Breakdowns: We will need teen actors to act in the video showing the app prototype in action.  Preferably 18+.

Crew Positions Available: See Project Description

Date of Audition: August 1st, 2016

Compensation: Paid

Contact: Britt Tovar | | (512) 850-5835

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