CASTING CALL for Austin Feature Film ‘Soft Matter’

Project Title: Soft Matter Type of Production: Feature Length Film Producer: Makena Buchanon Writer: Jim Hickox Director: Jim Hickox   Project Description:  Graffiti artists Kish and Haircut break into a derelict hospice facility in the name of art, but all hell breaks loose when they cross paths with a rampaging sea god and a pair of immortality-obsessed mad scientists. (Independent … Continue reading CASTING CALL for Austin Feature Film ‘Soft Matter’

REVIEW: Sing Street

John Carney’s Sing Street is a masterful modern musical. It delves into the relatable complexities of aspiring talents everywhere. It is a fun, engaging, charming, and often beautiful reflection on what goes through the ever-changing minds of those who want more in life. Carney’s previous efforts are all in the similar vein of hopeful desperation, … Continue reading REVIEW: Sing Street

MIX/VHS | Week 003

This week's mix is chock full of great, eclectic media. We hope you enjoy!   The Wolf Pack (dir. Crystal Morselle) WATCH IT HERE: An interesting , funny  and sometimes heartbreaking journey into the secret world of a family cut off from the world. I love this film, the filmmaker manages to tell an intense strange, … Continue reading MIX/VHS | Week 003

MIX/VHS | Week 002

Welcome to your weekly dose of visual media goodness! Akira (dir. Katsuhiro Otomo) WATCH IT HERE: Akira is an action-packed, animated 80s sci-fi film - not to mention, a film way ahead of it's time - about a post-WWIII Tokyo (Neo-Tokyo) in 2019 where classified government experiments on children have gone awry. For fans of: general cyberpunk … Continue reading MIX/VHS | Week 002